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Embassy EMB 31089

Released 1974


A1   I Don’t Want To Go On Without You                                                     2:43

Written-By – B. Berns*, J. Wexler*

A2  To Know You Is To Love You                                                                   2:44

Written-By – P. Spector*

A3  Let It Be Me                                                                                                 3:17

Written-By – G. Bécaud*, M. Curtis*, P. Delanoë*

A4  Stick-a-lee                                                                                                    3:25

Written-By – A. Gorgoni*, C. Taylor*

A5  Why                                                                                                               2:45

Written-By – A. van Olm*, H. Waltheim

A6  Summertime Has Gone                                                                            2:49

Written-By – G.E. van Tongeren*, H.M. ter Heide*

A7  Mary                                                                                                             2:05

Written-By – A. van Olm*, H. Waltheim

A8  Wait                                                                                                             2:30

Written-By – A. van Olm*, D. Alan*

B1  My Girl Donna                                                                                           2:50

Written-By – R. Valens*

B2  Secret Of You And I                                                                                  3:10

Written-By – La Bionda*, C. La Bionda*, H.M. ter Heide*

B3  I Can’t Sleep                                                                                               2:18

Written-By – A. van RossumH.M. ter Heide*

B4  Arizona                                                                                                        3:20

Written-By – A. van Olm*, B. Faas

B5  Pack Your Back                                                                                          3:18

Written-By – H. WaltheimJ. de Nijs*

B6  In The Evening Of My Life Time                                                            2:20

Written-By – A. van Olm*, B. Faas

B7  Naughty Girl                                                                                               2:40

Written-By – M. Davis*

B8  Tennessee Waltz                                                                                        2:20

Written-By – R. Stewart*


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